Lore of
The Primes

Prime Planet remains one of the most unknown planets in the solar system. Due to the inhabitants lack of enthusiasm for interstellar travel, they actually favor this obscurity.

Although there is evidence to a deeper history behind Planet of the Primes, the Prime Apes quickly became the intellectual beings of the planet. They are smart, creative, and curious, leading to their ever-advancing culture. While conducting research on the planet, the Apes stumbled upon the Prime Kongs civilization. They learned that the Prime Kongs lived, as the Apes deemed, a "barbaric" lifestyle, and the Apes felt it was their duty to help the Kongs with advancements in their culture.


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The Prime Apes have adaptive powers

The different cultures thrived for some time after this newfound built relationship, learning interesting things about Prime Planet from each other and growing together. However, it was apparent that the Kongs were learning more from the Apes than they were able to equally provide - something both sides took notice of but never mentioned publicly. This created an air of entitlement for the Apes - something the Kongs certainly took notice of as well.

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The brewing division made the Kongs protective of sharing deeper details of their history. The Apes constantly asked about a massive skull of a dragon which lay in the center of the Kongs main village, with the Kongs steadfastly claiming it was as much a mystery to them. The truth behind that skull is where the story truly unfolds… The Kongs decided to… [REDACTED]

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