Prime Ape Planet is the genesis collection of Prime Planet. They are 7,979 Primus Ethereus
mammals who make up the primary intellects on the planet.

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Character type

prime ape

Character Strength


Character Weakness


Character Society


7,979 Supply

The story

The Prime Ape planet collection

Prime Planet's
Genesis Collection

Our Prime Ape Planet Collection launched on 28 December and quickly sold out in 38 minutes. Till date we have traded over 30,000eth on OpenSea.

Prime Apes will always be the Genesis Collection of an ever-evolving ecosystem. On Prime Planet , the Apes are the leaders and they live in peaceful harmony with the Prime Kongs and the Infected Apes. But we hear that they have invited in a new tribe, the Prime Dragons, to join their family.

The Prime Apes are highly intelligent and have strong adaptive powers. No matter what is expected of them, when the stakes are this high, when survival and making their mark on mainstream culture are the priorities, the Prime Apes are ready.

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