Prime Kong Planet is the second collection of Prime Planet. They are 9,797 Primus Ethereus
mammals who make up the primary brute force on the planet.

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9,797 Supply

The story

The Prime kongs collection

Prime Planet's Second Collection, Prime Kong Planet

Following the success of the Apes, our Prime Kongs launched back in January 2022 and quickly sold out in 2 minutes!

The Prime Kongs are the Ape's bigger and stronger brothers! They are the most powerful primates in the Prime Planet ecosystem, the defenders of the planet. They are known for their calming nature but with powerful physique, they are not a force to be reckon with.

The Kongs were having their play time as usual in the Jungle one day and stumbled upon a glowing egg. Following the trails, it led them into a Jungle Cave where they found a massive skeleton head …

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